Born in the United States in 1978, Daniel Michael Johnson was raised in Eastern and Central Europe. The cross-cultural pollination between East and West during the final years of the Cold War as well as a familial influence of doctrinal Christianity had and continue to have a profound and at times seemingly contradictory influence on both his worldview and work. His perspective is a direct result of this, arguably unholy combination. Johnson received his BFA in 2005 from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada, and has exhibited in the United States, Canada and Germany. His work is held in private collections on both sides of the Atlantic.

1978 - Born in Winston-Salem, NC, USA
2005 - Bachelor of Fine Arts of Emily Carr Institute of Art Design, Vancouver, Canada

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2016 - strange religion, Galerie Fata Morgana, Berlin, Germany
2010 - Shelter somethin’ Evil, Galerie Knoth und Krüger, Berlin, Germany
2009 - Our Future Ghosts (Part 2), Fuel, Seattle, USA
2008 - Our Future Ghosts (Part 1), Fuel, Seattle, USA
2006 - New Works, Gallery 1412, Seattle, USA

Selected Group Exhibitions
2016 - Out of Place_an ongoing archive, Peninsula e.V. and Associazione 22:37- P67 Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2013 - SCHAU05, Schauwerk Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2013 - Expat Expo, English Theatre Berlin, Berlin, Germany
2010 - Are you coming too?, Galerie Knoth und Kr├╝ger, Berlin, Germany
2009 - Organic Structures, Color Theory Collective, Seattle, USA
2007 - Journey American Hero, Twenty20, Seattle, USA
2004 - The Last Picture Show, 151 W.Hastings, Vancouver, Canada (Curator/Promoter)
2004 - ECIAD Grad Show, Emily Carr Institute Art Design, Vancouver, Canada
2004 - Book Forms, A look at Innovative Binding Techniques, Concourse Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Monographs and Catalogues
2016 - strange religion, Galerie Fata Morgana, Berlin, Germany